Business Analysis and Project Management

Making right choices for the business and managing development projects either small or big are always full of complexities and challenges and hence often taken as a giant step as it can make or break your grip in today’s competitive market scenario but Not Anymore.

We provide root to tip solutions through our well architectured and equipped management services. May be it for the core business side, testing side or the overall project management side, whether it is related to the human resource needs or time and risk management by facilitating quality professionals and experts We’ve Got It all.

Rizontek focus on providing technical capabilities and filling the gap between as-is and to-be by covering all the peripherals of project management like Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, controlling and closing. Our ‘Minimize Risk and Maximize Efficiency’ motto help achieve the required balance between the various deciding factors of the business like budget, resources and time.

 We bring in the unique focus shaped by our clients business and technical goals.


Healthcare, Finance and Banking, Retail and Consumer services, Travel and Airlines, Telecom, Entertainment, Mortgage, Insurance & Manufacturing.